Sirim Scientific Solutions is a startup company established in the year 2016. We have about 15 years of experience in the Laboratory and analytical equipment field, we can provide a comprehensive array of products for laboratories in R&D, quality control, quality assurance, diagnostics, forensic testing, calibration labs, environmental labs, the Food Industry, Pharma, Biotechnology, Horticulture, etc.…

Sirim Scientific Solutions has a sheer interest in Indigenous products, during past tenures for customer support we learned that almost all calibration standards are being imported and secondary standards. We took an initiative to produce these calibration standards in our Country to give these at an affordable price and with immediate availability. We are about to launch our Polystyrene Calibration Film at the very best price.

Our proven ability in customized Soundproof Chambers for Testing the automobile industry has many more applications. These sound isolation/proof chambers can be used for Ultrasonic Processing Units, chillers that produce/generate noise and vibration, recording music, sound echoic isolation, and for all needs of soundproofing/isolation.

We have learned that there is much need for quality products in Heating Equipment, Cooling Equipment, need for customization, etc. . So, combining our experience and local spare parts manufacturers and vendors we brought much better quality in design and material quality.

Overall, we can offer better quality with an improved, customized design suitable for our customers, with ease of use.

In addition to our vast product offering, another core strength is our ability to consistently offer a highly efficient and personalized customer service experience. As technology has changed the way we communicate, you can still rely on speaking with an experienced, professional customer service representative.

Whether your product needs are routine or unique, we can help you acquire the products you need efficiently and economically. Please contact us and “Rediscover Personalized Service.